An emerging recluse

I’ve effectively stopped writing. It’s embarrassing and I’m seeking to amend my folly and reclaim my love. That being said I shall once more bring this to life, perhaps on a somewhat consistent basis, perhaps not. We shall see.

But I shall give you the present of a poem for today. I wrote this a while ago. But I still like it.

six with a missing +1


A reflection smudged
An identity covered by touch
Am I my fingerprints
Fine lines smeared across
A captivating screen
Glued until my eyes burn
And a dull pound dances through my mind
As image after image pours in
Interactive living
Turn away and live
Touch something real for once
Break the screen and feel the world
Burn my eyes on sunlight


smooth lines and a jagged edge
like a free-verse poem
a face in the solid rock
uncarved save the Thoughts
opened down to the soul
purposefully unfin—


‘Home is where the heart is’
What nonsense
Home is not
All we seek is our place
A purposeless generation
Wondering, wandering endlessly
Displaced in all the games we play
Ah, yes displaced
Linguistically established
In tightening order
To mask our wandering souls



Have you notice our missing friend
No one asked for him yet
Unwanted I suppose
I miss him
I miss them all
But what sentimental nonsense
He never was
When did you become?


Am I still awake amid the chaos
Do I like this noise
The rhythm I breathe
To dance the night away
Build up—build up
Drop the beat
Drop the mic
Kill the lights
I want a symphony
To shatter the record
Or a raw voice
Cutting clear in this darkness
Ending with an Amen


Heed the benediction
Remember also your Creator
In the days of your youth,
Before the evil days come
And the years draw near
Of which you will say
“I have no pleasure in them”
Desire fails
Because man is going to his eternal home
The mourners go about the streets
And the dust returns to the earth as it was
And the spirit returns to God who gave t 
Vanity of vanities, says the Preacher
All is vanity


The Projects


So have you checked out The Cellary yet? We’re working hard and interviewing some amazing artists. It’s helped me realize that working with artist promotion is probably my dream job.

Anyway, I figured I’d send out one more request. I probably won’t keep blogging on here (great shock since I haven’t posted anything in months, I know) 😉

You should check out our website to hear from some great artists. And we’re hoping to start doing some opinion pieces and articles, in addition to our interviews. Please check it out (it’s cool I promise), and check out our Facebook Page.

Also, I’ve been writing for Humane Pursuits, so check out their create page to read some of what I’ve been writing lately if you’ve missed reading my blog.

Also, enjoy the pretty picture. I took that when I was home in Cali.

~Emily Rose

The Cellary


So some of you who follow my blog may already know about my new project. If not let me tell you about it, because it’s pretty cool!

I have started a music blog with my good friend Ethan.

We were walking during our lunch break one day thinking about a new song we had discovered, and we realized we wanted to ask the artist what they were trying to convey. That set the ball rolling, and that day we planned up our blog: The Cellary.

On The Cellary we post interviews we’ve conducted with new artists we’ve discovered. We figured it was a fantastic way to get the artists to talk with us and to share that picture with other people who might like to learn more about the creative process of artists.

We are posting a new interview each week. Check out the site to read our interviews with Nieves, Nick Edward Harris, Ian Randall Thornton, Flannel Graph, and Tyler Butler, plus like our facebook page to stay tuned for new interviews!

~Emily Rose

Afraid of the Dark?

Breathe in and taste the word you dare not utter
The horror of the night presses against your mind
Swim in it
Delight in the other
A cool dry dark silence
Broken by whistling skeleton trees
And whirring cars that pass
Unaware of your anxiety
In their warm bright boxes

Lick your parched lips
Cracked by late autumn’s kiss
Inhale the beams of moonlight brave
Enough to break through thick clouds
Darkness is your keeper this night

Let the knowledge of fear be firmly planted
And then throw it away with a loose grip
Basking in the sensation you seldom know
Honoring the sacredness that is night

Together your feet march along
This path illumined not
Unless by the reflection of your eye
What does the darkness hold?

Each foot passes the other
With the earth racing beneath them
At a rate you could never run
Towards a new morning
For the whole world is afraid of the dark

~Emily Rose


It’s been a great deal of time since I’ve posted anything, but I realized I might as well start posting more of my poetry…since I’m not doing anything else with it these days. So here you go. This was written one late night in Chicago this summer.

To Wish Upon

Five stories from a dangerous place to be alone
I see a lonely planet acting as a star
Offering hope for a wish it cannot grant
Only a god and not God-named starlight

I suppose even a bright city needs something to believe
To believe in the souls sleeping and waking below and above
Perhaps at twenty stories there are real stars to pray to
Though a prayer would be better placed to heaven

Suppose each window still lit plays the game as well
A pinprick not to heaven’s glory but humanity
Humanity–the very wish personified
To relate with something sacred and broken

Can even street lamps be like starlight to the lonely
Left on street corners with broken bottles and dreams
Offering a fragile semblance of civility and kindness
In the warm yellow glow then may claim as their own

Oh dear lonely soul I wish I could find you
An active star still granting wishes
But the sky is presently only graced with one
And she but a fabrication, an orbiting planet in our brokenness

~Emily Rose

The Liturgists

It’s been a while. Forgive me, folks. And this is going to be short. May I just suggest that you go out and listen to The Liturgists. I can’t explain what it is, and I’m not sure yet if I actually think it’s an all good thing. But I’ve never been so moved or shaken by music…and whatever else you want to call the rest of it. For the music side of it: Vapor is incredible, and Garden. However, may I suggest listening through the whole “Garden” album. Also go to their home page and read what they are. Decide if you think they are a little crazy or spot on. But at least listen. That’s all…peace out.



Woe, woe, to the one who ignores the pressure
Of sorrow tightening around her chest
Slowly limiting the breath
She’s come to loath

Joy caged, an untamed bird
Longing for something beautiful
While blinded to all
For the black wings of circling vultures
Prey on any remnant of light

“Rejoice in everything!”
A critic shouts with no understanding
Of pain or heartbreak
causing both
“Confess your wickedness”
Pounds the pharisaical warning
Lectured from a pulpit lacking love
which could dispel the fear
give up, give in, give up, give in, give up, give in
the demonic taunt echoes
in the hollows of her withering heart
far easier to believe in the dark

There is a time for laughter and a time for mourning
Take heart dear child
You need not rejoice in the wickedness killing you
Rejoice in the Lord
And know that you are loved as a chief creation
An image bearer of a God of light
Whose Son set into death and rose into life
For You

As far as the heavens are above the earth
Unfailing love expands
Unconditionally gifted and offered
Have courage…have faith
Know and trust the God of Peace
Words whispered in understanding
And burdened with Love

Robed in pure golden radiance
Hope attacks the hungry vultures
Breaking their wings of darkness
Flooding her soul with light
Filling her with life

~Emily Rose